The GDSCN community members and organizers gather virtually throughout the year to:

  • foster communication between the Network members,

  • raise needs and challenges of bringing genomic data science to the classroom,

  • discuss solutions to institutional, financial, and pedagogical barriers,

  • share genomic data science curricula developed for classroom use and recruit testers,

  • work together on publications.


Kickoff Meeting: March 2021

We started by presenting the working group mission and provided an opportunity for each representative to introduce themselves. Then followed by an open discussion on growing the genomic data science community and the educational resources needed.


Publication Outline: April 2021

Following the initial discussion, members wanted to collaboratively draft a white paper outlining methods to bring genomic data science to underrepresented academic communities. This online brainstorming and discussion meeting outlined some of the challenges and potential solutions.

Copy of GDSCN_18MAY21_COPY_FOR_WEB.pdf

Second Symposium: May 2021

During this symposium, we reviewed the status of the white paper and continued brainstorming additional topics for the manuscript. We also performed a short demonstration of a small experimental analysis on the genomic data cloud computing platform known as AnVIL (Analysis, Visualization, and Informatics Lab-space) with upcoming conferences and events for supplemental learning.

Third Symposium: November 2021

In November 2021, the GDSCN hosted our third symposium. We heard a presentation about the Open Case Studies project, inviting GDSCN members to explore educational resources available for data-driven understanding of real-world challenges and propose ideas for new case studies. Next, we presented the first GDSCN curriculum, SARS-CoV-2 Variant Detection with Galaxy on AnVIL, a GDSCN member-contributed lecture and lab exercise developed for classroom use. We also reviewed the status of the “10 Simple Rules” white paper and developed a plan for finalization. Lastly, an upcoming opportunity for development of Cloud-based Genomic Data Science education from NHGRI was shared.

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Upcoming Events

Final Symposium: May 2022

At our final meeting of the initial phase of GDSCN, we will:

  1. Present the results from the initial testing;

  2. Present the five research questions identified by the subgroups;

  3. Discuss assessments, and identify curriculum revisions based on initial testing and necessary steps to expand to other institutions;

  4. Research or teaching presentations by participating faculty; and

  5. Draft a paper summarizing our efforts that will include each external faculty as an author.