Genomic Data Science Community Network 

The Genomic Data Science Community Network (GDSCN) works towards a vision where researchers, educators, and students from diverse backgrounds are able to fully participate in genomic data science research.

Learn more in our paper "Diversifying the Genomic Data Science Research Community":


To broaden the spectrum of diverse institutions active in bioinformatics and genomic data science, we seek partnerships with educators and researchers at:

The GDSCN currently spans 18 U.S. states, Puerto Rico, and the District of Columbia.

Cloud-based resources such as the NHGRI Analysis, Visualization, and Informatics Lab-space (AnVIL) provide genomic data access, computing, and training, serving as a catalyst for bringing together students, educators, and researchers at both resource-rich institutions and institutions not traditionally engaged in genomics research. We envision the GDSCN will bring together the community that will guide and advocate for high-throughput tools and resources necessary to implement genomics in data science at their institutions.

Current Activities

We create genomic data science educational content and organize a student-focused research project:

Short lab modules adapted from existing contributed material

A MOOC-style teacher's guide

BioDIGS: BioDiversity and Informatics for Genomics Scholars

You can find us at the AnVIL Support Forum ( Utilizing  community forums allows scientists at research universities to interact with and support students with technical, scientific, and mentorship questions.


Photograph from the Fifth GDSCN Symposium, some members are presenting while the Network is seated around a table in a conference room.

In March 2021, educators from the community network and organizers discussed bioinformatic resources, datasets, tools and educator support needed. 

Next in April 2021, GDSCN members met to collaboratively draft a white paper on bringing genomic data science to underrepresented academic communities.

Then in May 2021, the GDSCN  continued drafting the white paper and heard a presentation on the NHGRI AnVIL.

In November 2021, the Network heard about the Open Case Studies project, the first curricula adapted for the Network, and shared final ideas as we move to complete the white paper.

In April 2022, we shared new educational content available, the Network  explored ideas for the next directions to pursue, and NIH guest speakers described their exciting work and opportunities for diversifying data science education and research.

Our first in-person Symposium was held in August 2022, discussing ideas for the expansion of the GDSCN and hearing from the three new Working Groups on their activities.

The next virtual Symposium was hosted in April 2023 and began discussions of a collaborative, multi-site research project for students.

Our second in-person Symposium was held in August 2023 in Seattle, WA. The Network shared impressive achievements in receiving new grants and launching new projects. The symposium also featured presentations from NSF and NIH partners to learn about applicable funding opportunities.

In March 2024, we met to discuss progress and opportunities with the BioDIGS collaborative soil metagenomics research project, NHGRI funding opportunities, and network expansion.

Future Work

BioDIGS Research

Curriculum Development

Train-the-Trainer Sessions

Get Involved

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